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Initial Coin Offers? Another term you might have heard being thrown around in the world of cryptocurrencies, but fear not, they’re not as confusing as you might think.

Basically, ICO’s started springing up as a way for business founders to attain required revenue to start up their company. The founder of the business offers a ‘token’ or coin to investors in exchange for inputted revenue as a guarantee of an ROI (return on investment) on their contribution. These tokens of course have value and are considered as cryptocurrencies.

In the past few years, during the mainstream emergence of cryptocurrencies, ICO’s have collaboratively raised well over a billion US dollars. Many also include the use of blockchain technology.

Here’s a handful of some promising ICO’s in 2018

The current and heart-warming ICO, Giftcoin, is gaining traction at the moment. It offers a creative use of blockchain technology, allowing users to maintain transparency while making donations towards charitable causes. This business is founded around the current distrust in global charities.

Syncfab, a management software ICO for buying and selling hardware, is offering a way of streamlining the supply chain process of hardware. Using blockchain, this ICO aims to make hardware sourcing, tracking, licensing and general trading a lot easier for both clients and businesses in 2018.

Perhaps one of the most exciting ICO’s currently is Vestarin, a way of using cryptocurrency to purchase real-world products. It will enable businesses of all natures to receive cryptocurrencies in return for goods and services. This could gap the usability gap between Fiat currencies and crypto.

Loci, aimed at reducing the effort and cost of trading intellectual property is turning a few heads. The idea is to create a blockchain to solve the convoluted process of licensing and patenting, making it a lot easier and less risky to be an inventor.

An ICO that any student and low-income earner would appreciate is Rentberry. It provides the opportunity for renters and tenants it easily transfer value over a blockchain system. Globally property ownership and leasing is a legal mess and could use some modern tech to bring some ease to it.

In the entertainment industry, the ICO Ceek, is attempting to create a virtual reality  (VR) experience for live concerts worldwide. Allowing users from around the world to livestream events from the comfort of their own home.

Parkgene, an ICO we could all appreciate, allows users to connect to a peer-to-peer network where parking spaces around there workplace can be reserved and paid for months in advance. This would eliminate the need for in-efficient parking systems most cities and towns have in place.

Other interesting ICO’s include

•    Ethearnal: an ICO aimed to bring freelancers closer to work opportunities.

•    Clearcoin: a platform for online media purchasing and selling.

•    Ponder: A blockchain based dating website (we really are living in the future)

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