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We look at 6 incredible startups who are using blockchain technology to take their industries further

Blockchain technology has changed the world. It’s the revolutionary ledger created to securely record Bitcoin transactions. It has completely changed the way we interact with, and store our data. There are many companies out there looking to see how they can use this technology to improve our daily lives. We list the top startups that are using the technology to set them apart from their competitors.

Extra Credit (XTRA)

The aim of Extra Credit is to incentivize people to learn about blockchains. When people take an online course they are rewarded with the cryptocurrency XTRA. This helps people gain integral skills relating to blockchain creation and management while earning money in the process. Learning about blockchain technology is a gateway to a myriad of job opportunities.

Trust Token

This token essentially allows you to turn your real-world assets into cryptocurrency tokens. This helps owners to share ownership of assets in a fair, and balanced way. It also creates liquidity and the company behind Trust Tokens can provide insurance and audits for their users.


Farmatrust is looking to help solve the global counterfeit drug problem. They want to use the blockchain’s unhackable and unchangeable ledger technology to create immutable medical records. They can do this by monitoring medicine from its point of origin to its point of consumption. This system could theoretically save lives around the world. It can make sure that people are getting the medication they need. Also, it can ensure that people aren’t given counterfeit drugs, while the real drugs that they need are sold for a profit.

Exsul Coin

This coin has been created as a way to help ease the global refugee crisis. It’s  a platform that will drive refugee-led projects, allowing them to invent, create and start their own businesses. The token works by allowing those who hold it to nominate, vote for, and fund refugee-led projects. The user’s reputation is tied to their identity so that users can be verified. This ensures trustworthy transactions. It’s a huge step in creating vetted educational and business opportunities for struggling refugees.

ixo Foundation

The ixo Foundation has created a way to measure and recognize charitable activity and the impact it has on the word. How it works is that individuals and organizations can record their charitable contributions, volunteer work and social contributions. They are called “impact claims.” These are then verified by what they call an “impact investigator” and are then logged onto the global impact ledger. This allows them to calculate, and measure, the impact of our global charitable efforts.

Open Bazaar

Open Bazaar is here to give traditional online marketplaces a run for their money by taking buying and selling to the blockchain. Open Bazaar is a downloadable platform that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions using Bitcoin. Users can start selling almost immediately after setting up their store. The benefit of this is that users don’t have to pay posting or selling fees as they would do on traditional marketplace websites. All transactions are done in Bitcoin which also lowers the transaction fees. This could be the new face of peer-to-peer online commerce.

Blockchain technology is changing the way we do business, the way we empower people, the way we teach people and even the way we measure out global charitable outreach. The future of this technology is endless and we are looking forward to seeing what it will be used for next.

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