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As the banking landscape for crypto businesses becomes ever more difficult, a leader emerges offering a crypto friendly bank account solution for crypto exchanges and other businesses now considered high risk by Europe’s traditional banks.

CoinAcquiring has quickly established itself as the leading provider of crypto friendly banking solutions for hundreds of personal and corporate customers alike. With more and more banks closing the accounts of major crypto exchanges, such as the recent news of Barclays closing Coinbase’s account, business owners and left with nowhere to turn.

With so few options, CoinAcquiring has become a beacon of light in the industry. The consultants offer a crypto friendly bank account opening service. They will first profile your business and understand your needs. They then take this information and match make you against a consortium of crypto friendly banks each of whom have their own requirements and risk policies. Businesses have reported that CoinAcquiring has been able to successfully open a crypto friendly bank account for them within 48 hours of applying. Bank accounts include full IBANs in the companies own name, as well as virtual IBAN wallet based solutions.

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