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How to turn cryptocurrency into a full time job.

We’ve all wished we could work from home. Set our own hours, be our own boss and wake up whenever it suits us. Luckily with the rise of cryptocurrencies, this has become easier than ever before. You can now work to earn Bitcoin from the comfort of your own couch.

Investing in Cryptocurrency

Investing is probably the easiest way to start making money from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. All you really need to do to invest is to buy cryptocurrencies using a crypto-wallet and be patient while the markets do their thing. This is more of a long-term investment but if you have confidence and buy and sell at the right time you could create a nice supplemental income.

Cryptocurrency trading

The next step after investing is trading, even if you know nothing about trading there are many online platforms that will put you in touch with registered brokers. The brokers will guide you on what is the best investment at the time and when to buy and sell. There are also sites that have platforms that are able to trade your money for you after an initial investment using complex algorithms. Check out our recommended traders on our homepage. Trading is more likely to earn you fast profits than simply investing and it is becoming easier than ever.

Cryptocurrency mining

Mining started with the establishment of Bitcoin in 2009. It was and still is, the ideal way to get new coins onto the market. Much like real-world mining, it’s incredibly labour intensive and requires special equipment. Miners solve the complex equations created by cryptocurrency transaction to create the blockchain. They use special servers, as well as graphics cards to speed up to process of processing these equations. The more people trying to solve it, the more difficult the equation becomes. They are rewarded for this with coins.

Working for a cryptocurrency exchange/ trading platform

Cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms are always looking for people with a variety of skills. Web developers, graphic designers, content writers, salespeople, marketers, software engineers, and financial analysts and traders are just a few of the jobs available.  These positions could be full-time or freelance and you will be paid in cryptocurrency for your work. There are many places to look for these jobs, like Reddit Jobs4Bitcoin thread and the job seeking site Angel.

Cryptocurrency is changing the world, and it can also change your world by providing you with a steady income you can earn from home. You don’t even have to be a tech genius to get in on the cryptocurrency train.

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