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Major colleges are starting to offer cryptocurrency courses to their MBA students

Stanford, Georgetown and the University of Pennsylvania are now starting to offer full time blockchain and cryptocurrency courses and degrees. This is mainly due to an overwhelming student movement and the interest digital coins like Bitcoin have attracted. These courses will be taught at some of the best business schools in the world to properly prepare their students for the new realities of business and tech. Is this the new reality for tech education going forward.

A new generation of business

The new generation of business students know the value and importance of blockchain technology.They know that in the future, they’ll be tasked with understanding and working with this technology. Blockchain technology has applications far beyond just cryptocurrency. The distributed ledger technology can and will change the way we store and record information forever. Everything from the medical field, to the banking industry can benefit from it. It truly is one of the most important technological breakthroughs of the 21st century. Even major tech companies like IBM and Microsoft have departments dedicated to blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency courses  

The Stanford Graduate School of Business , which Forbes ranked as the best in the world in 2017, is now offering a full-time cryptocurrency course called “cryptocurrency.” This shows a monumental shift in the establishments willingness to accept cryptocurrencies and the technology surrounding them. Their students have realized that the future of business is digital which is why they lobbied the school to start providing cryptocurrency and blockchain courses. MBA programs are all about giving students the competitive advantage in the real working world. A world that is beginning to fully grasp the importance of blockchain technology, and the impact blockchain has on the world as well as the change it is going to have. Many other colleges have followed this lead, either offering lectures or online courses on bitcoin and cryptocurrency. It seems that cryptocurrency courses may become an essential part of most high level MBA programs in the future.

Cryptocurrency jobs are flourishing

This shows the demand for blockchain and cryptocurrency based jobs. Demand for these types of jobs has soared in recent years, with new blockchain startups popping up everyday. There are jobs going in all types of blockchain related ventures. In fact, studies show that there has been a 30% year-on-year increase in blockchain related job postings on LinkedIn. Today more people than ever are getting involved in cryptocurrencies, whether buying and selling them, investing in or trading them, or even creating them they have taken off in the last few years.

Having a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is going to be essential for the business people of tomorrow. Universities have recognized this and are making moves to ensure that future students will be fully equipped to meet the demands of the new world cryptocurrency has created.

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