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Just under 1% of the world’s population have been forcibly removed from their homes by ongoing wars and other civil struggles.

Millions of these refugees are struggling to keep their families fed. Many of them are skilled workers. Many seek a means to make money, but a lack of infrastructure is inhibiting them.

So what can blockchain technology do for them?

In comes ExsulCoin, an app that might just be the ultimate solution to this very real problem. ExsulCoin (launched Feb 12th) will act as a way for refugees to seek employment. ExsulCoin made use of an ICO to fund it. In a nutshell, the app will make use of a decentralized system to offer a host of services all with the end goal of employing these refugees. It will provide basic job and language training, the ability for job-seekers and employers to find each other. Users on the app will receive ExsulCoins as payment.

Another massive problem these refugees face is a lack of acceptable identification. The population of the refugee camps is heavily mixed, meaning there is no uniform ID. This coupled with the fact that many have lost all forms of ID during the evacuation of their homes, makes for a very large logistical problem. Not having an ID severely hinders refugees with finding homes, jobs, and even a place to hold funds. Immigration officers struggle to help individuals who have no background information.

Finland has the solution – Moni a pseudo-bank app that utilizes blockchain technology. It works like having any other bank account, but with a twist. All the transactions are stored on a universal ledger, which in turn acts as a way of verifying a person’s identity. A business owner could analyze the blockchain (with permission) and see that a job-seeker has had monthly payments from a previous employer verifying the person’s skills and previous position. Now, this is all totally possible without blockchain technology, but with it, all this info can be accessed in seconds. Of course this system can even expand to a global scale, but for now Moni sets its sights on just helping out with the refugee crisis.

The potential of blockchain technology is limitless. With a little research, you can see that there is almost no industry that can’t be improved with the use of blockchain and crypto technology.

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