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Cryptocurrency has brought about an era of excitement where opportunity lurks around every corner. The first sprout was the advent of the internet, which changed just about everything from the way we shop to the way we start a business. Even the youth are starting to take notice of digital trends, with inventive solutions to frustrating problems.

Challenging conventions

George Weiksner, a 12-year-old American, has applied cryptocurrency to one of the biggest frustrations in gaming to date. With some out of the box thinking and applied knowledge, George and his father, Michael, are on route to creating an all-new cryptocurrency called Pocketful of Quarters. The real story behind this new startup is the fact that George is set to become one of the youngest CEOs ever, at a tender age of 12.

The backstory

George is an avid video gamer with a passion for his extracurricular activities. His biggest frustration is the progress that is lost (mainly coins) that are squandered upon exiting a gaming session. One day his father, Michael, was driving him home after a long day at school. Michael started talking to his son about cryptocurrency and George quickly realized that digital currency could solve his gaming frustrations.

George developed the concept and has applied cryptocurrency to many players who seem to be experiencing the same frustrations. The new cryptocurrency can be saved and used for extra lives and various upgrades in games.

Introducing Quarters

Quarter’s is an Ethereum-based digital coin that can be used across multiple gaming platforms. The idea came from pure frustration within modern games. George quickly realised that cryptocurrency could solve his and many others’ frustrations with the rapid loss of gaming tokens in modern mobile games. In an interview with Business Insider, George said:

“At the time, I was frustrated because whenever I quit playing a video game, I lost all of the coins I’d earned in the game,” George told Business Insider. “That meant that I was losing all of the work and effort I’d been putting into the games. So when my dad told me about cryptocurrencies, creating a cryptocurrency for games made sense to me.”

Young minds and new technology is our future

It’s no secret, cryptocurrency has generated a wealth of interest in the financial and cryptocurrency markets. More and more students are starting to take an avid interest in digital currency, not only for the money-making potential but also for the limitless potential present in blockchain technology. Universities around the globe have taken notice of this and are now starting to offer full-time degrees in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, the fact that a 12-year-old is going to become the CEO of his very own ICO just shows that young minds are very taken with the idea of adaptation and flexibility – characteristics that define digital currency.

“A 12-year-old mind can see the world unpolluted by all of the silly compromises we’ve made, and that’s exactly what happened when I explained cryptocurrencies to George,” Michael said. “It was as much for me to get his perspective on something I thought was interesting as it was for him to teach me about something that I think is the future.”

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