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Customer Support7.2
Minimum Deposit7.4
Win Rate7.2
7.2 / 10

Crypto Dukes is the award-winning cryptocurrency trading platform that is taking the trading world by storm. It’s perfect for everyone from complete novices to experienced traders. This revolutionary software has completely changed the game and has allowed ordinary people to earn over $1,300 a day with just 15 minutes of trading.

How does it work?

The software uses the breakout trading strategy. This strategy is implemented by drawing a resistance line (a line between the 3 highest levels) and a support line (a line connecting the 3 lowest prices). A breakout occurs when the resistance and support levels are exceeded.

When the resistance line is broken a trader should sell and when the support level is broken a trader should buy. This allows the user to know exactly when to buy at the lowest and sell at the highest.

Is Crypto Dukes a scam?

Crypto Dukes has helped many people get into the cryptocurrency trading game. Crypto Dukes not only helps you trade, it teaches you how to trade. It invites you into a circle of expert traders and sets you on the path to becoming one of them. You will be trading like a master in no time.

Crypto Dukes uses Fintech as its brokerage. Fintech is one of the most trusted online brokers out there. They are dedicated to transparency and fairness when it comes to managing your trades and your money.

Key Features

This award-winning trading app is rated the number 1 trading software by the US Trading Association. There are many reasons behind this, one of them being the fact that you can trade multiple cryptocurrencies under one roof, making it the most convenient place to start trading.


It’s up to the minute technology means that it’s always learning from previous trades as well as analyzing market data. Due to this it always knows the perfect time to make the perfect trade. This technology also makes it possible to earn money whatever the market price of your chosen cryptocurrency is doing. Whether it’s rising or falling, you are still earning.

Start Trading Now

1 Create your account for free!

Visit the Crypto Dukes site and enter your full name, email address and phone number. Create a secure password that only you know to keep your account safe.

2 Connect to your broker!

After signing up with Crypto Dukes, you will be connected to one of our regulated brokers. They will look after your investment for you and make sure that you get access to all the profits that you make. The brokers provide one of the most complete and transparent trading environments out there Everything they do is to create a perfect trading experience possible for their users. They are a true brokerage so their income comes from the very modest brokerage fees they charge to facilitate your trades. With Fintech you are in good hands.

3 Welcome to your dashboard


4 Verify your account

You will need to provide proof that you are who you say you are. What they need:

  • ID document or passport. (All they need is your name and photo so you can cover the rest.)
  • Copy of your credit or debit card. (please censor this. the middle 6 digits of your card number must be hidden.)
  • Proof of residence- eg: a utility bill.
  • DOD (Declaration Of Deposit) This can be downloaded from the brokers’ website and just needs to be signed.

5 Start trading!

When all this is done you are ready to start trading!

The Crypto Dukes software is completely free and there are no hidden fees. The only money you need to put in is your $250 investment. This is easily accessible and can be withdrawn along with your profits at any time

Customer support

24/7 multilingual customer support is provided by your broker. They are always there to resolve any queries you might have.

Start Trading Now


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