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Customer Support8.5
Minimum Deposit8.1
Win Rate8
8 / 10

Bitcoin is exploding and reaching mainstream levels. It’s easy to understand why more people are wanting to take part in the Bitcoin market. It’s lucrative and offers great returns – it’s basically the money of the future. This is why people are searching for ways to actively participate in the cryptocurrency market. Apart from the usual buying and selling, you can also participate in trading.

Bitcoin Trader is the ideal platform to help you get started. It’s rated the No.1 trading platform in the world and is extremely simple to use. If you’re looking to start trading, this platform is the optimal level.

Is BitcoinTrader a scam?

Bitcoin Trader It’s an efficient crypto robot that uses an innovative system to ensure you’re always making successful trades. It’s reputable and trustworthy and the recognition provided by the US Trading Association proves this. The Bitcoin Trader platform is increasing in popularity, which is further testament to its excellent software.

Olsson Capital is the recommended broker for the Bitcoin Trader platform. Your funds are safe and secure and if you want to withdraw your profit, the processing time is minimal.

How it works

The BitcoinTrader platform is a multi-award winning software, most recently it was declared the number one trading software by the US Trading Association. It works using an incredibly sophisticated algorithm, that assesses the markets and makes the trades that are likely to yield the best returns on your investment. This means that you can double, triple or even quadruple your income in just days, with Bitcoin Trader.

Key features

Bitcoin Trader is the most advanced trading platform the world has ever seen. It is always 0.01 seconds ahead of the markets which, if you know anything about trading, you would know is an incredible advantage. This time leap makes it one of the most consistent trading apps out there right now. This also gives you the advantage over traditional traders. It has remarkable 99.4% success rate in choosing profitable trades and is designed to optimise your investment.


Bitcoin Trader is one of the most ideal cryptocurrency trading platforms for those looking to take full advantage of the Bitcoin market. Bitcoin Trader is a simple interface and the advanced algorithm is a dream for any cryptocurrency trader. If you’re new to trading, the automated software will help until you’re comfortable with manual trading.

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1 Create your account for free!

Creating your account with Bitcoin Trader is a simple process. All you need to do is enter your details (first name, last name, email address and phone number) and then create your own secure password. Once you’re satisfied with the information, sign up.

2 Broker selection

Once you’ve registered with Bitcoin Trader, you’ll be connected to one of Bitcoin Trader’s fantastic registered brokers and be redirected to their trading site.

3 Welcome to your dashboard

This is your Bitcoin Trader mission control. From here you can learn about the platform, ask for help, manage your account, withdraw and deposit funds and keep an eye on your trades!

4 Make a deposit

Fill out the rest of the information, including your banking details, address, and date of birth to verify your initial minimum investment of $250. Once you’ve reviewed the information, you can make your deposit! Head to your dashboard and track your progress.

This money is yours and can easily be withdrawn at any time.

Customer support

If you are having any problems with the Bitcoin Trader platform they offer 24/7 expert customer support.

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